CibusCell SaaS Cloud Platform

CibusCell leverages the power of big data, artificial intelligence and digital collaboration to create a unique SaaS cloud platform for managing H2 power plants from end to end.


– Robust Platform foundation with latest and most modern cloud architecture

– Real-time connection to devices for sensor data and cloud-to-device (C2D) communications

– Own secure IoT Hub to view your connected devices and get access to relevant connection strings.

– Blob Storage for large amounts of unstructured data

– Integration of your legacy data from different systems into one container

– Data analytics and visualization tool enabling real-time handling of data from IoT Hub or Blob Storage

H2 Production Optimization

– CibusCell connects the hydrogen value chain end-to-end in a business process

– Connected automatically to real time electricity market prices and wheather data

– The platform provides you with an hourly view of current production across your locations and location clusters

– Optimization of the production for the next 24 hrs with real-time recommendations leveraging machine learning

– Easy set-up of locations and clusters allows to expand data from other hydrogen value chains into one view

– Use collaboration to connect the value chain easily with all the coupled sectors and allow everyone to collaborate with one tool such as MS Teams

Financial Simulation and Optimization

– Optimize CAPEX and OPEX with the real data

– Revenue of electricity and H2 production per hour

– Saved amount of CO2 emissions and corresponding gained value per hour

– Simmulate production plan over a period of 5 days to make the right business decision

– Potential analysis of hydrogen production and price

– Monitor data to scale any certification process

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