H2 is Digital First. We empower you to run entire H2 value chains -with the power of data

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CibusCell is essential for the market rollout of green hydrogen. See and understand how the CibusCell Cloud solution enables cross-sectoral alignment, paving the way for an efficient green hydrogen economy.

Podcast: Zu Gast an der Hydrogen Bar: David Schwarz von CibusCell (Teil 1/2)

A Software Solution capable of scaling profitably commercially viable green hydrogen

CibusCell provides an open Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform -virtual H2 Power Plants- for climate neutral energy suppliers to centralize systems and processes of the hydrogen economy. Expediting the scaling of commercially viable green hydrogen by four to seven years.


Smart software solutions like ours will be essential in finally making Hydrogen commercially viable and helping it become a key player in the energy transition. They can help to simplify complex data, make logical connections within production, and link different systems with each other.


Digitisation is one of the most important building blocks in accelerating the much-needed market ramp-up for green hydrogen! Optimizing H2 production requires handling large amounts of data. To do this and to optimally store, transfer and utilise the energy generated, a digital infrastructure connecting all H2 production components is vital.

About us

If green hydrogen is ready to scale, what are we waiting for? Questions like this might be coming up a lot recently, especially in view of the raging energy crisis all over Europe. It’s apparent that there are still many steps to be taken in order to create a successful hydrogen infrastructure at scale. However, we are proud of our contribution in making that happen and our digital first approach for H2

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