Digitisation is one of the most important building blocks in accelerating the much-needed market ramp-up for green hydrogen!H2 enables a more resilient energy network.  However, the use of wind and solar energy makes the production of green hydrogen much more complex than is the case with coal, gas or nuclear energy. Optimizing H2 production requires handling large amounts of data. To do this and to optimally store, transfer and utilise the energy generated, a digital infrastructure connecting all H2 production components is vital.

Smart Software Solutions

Therefore, smart software solutions like ours will be essential in finally making Hydrogen commercially viable and helping it become a key player in the energy transition. They can help to simplify complex data, make logical connections within production, and link different systems with each other. It’s apparent that there are still many steps to be taken in order to create a successful hydrogen infrastructure at scale. However, we are proud of our contribution in making that happen and our digital first approach for H2.

Scaling H2

Digitization pays off. Solutions like ours can increase the efficiency of hydrogen production up to 55%. Estimates indicate that digital plant analysis can optimize capital expenditure (CAPEX) by 10-15% whilst reducing risk by 30-50%, along with a marginal change inoperating expenditure (OPEX). Providing real-time monitoring of plant operations and asset health, coupled with remote control of assets, can reduce costs by 10-20% through lower energy consumptionand a streamlined workforce. Guarantee of origin (GoO) is a prerequisite for monetizing green hydrogen by certifying the renewable nature of all consumed electricity. CibusCell can also ensure end-to-end traceability along the entire life cycle of the green hydrogen, from cradle to grave.