CibusCell SaaS Cloud Platform

CibusCell leverages the power of big data, artificial intelligence and digital collaboration to create a unique SaaS cloud platform for managing H2 power plants from end to end.

CibusCell.IO (Input/Output)

Large data collection from your existing devices for real-time analysis.

  • We connect to your existing devices.
  • We process data in real-time.
  • We operate in a secure cloud environment. The data is available anywhere & anytime.
  • We enable you to monitor, analyze and optimize your H2 power plant.

CibusCell.AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Machine Learning to optimize production and consumption patterns.

  • We provide you with valuable information on predictive maintenance.
  • We detect hardware anomalies in real time.
  • We deliver solid data to optimize the financial performance of your H2 production.

CibusCell.CM (Collaboration Management)

Cloud solution for a fully integrated collaboration experience.  

  • We empower you to work across distributed teams on the same reports and alerts.
  • We assist you to set-up early warning indicators, health-checks and alerts.
  • We connect to any module you need, e.g. ERP, Payment Systems, Field Service Management, Financials, CRM.

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