Who we are

We are a qualified team of very talented software engineers, hydrogen engineers and highly experienced software executives.

And we deeply believe in green hydrogen!

Green hydrogen and PtX derivatives can make a crucial contribution towards reducing the carbon emissions of industries where electrification would be very difficult, for instance aviation and marine transport and emission-intensive areas, like the steel and chemical industries.

We are working together to make our contribution to a greener future, externally for our customers and internally for ourselves. We strive for meaningful success. No actionism, no action only for the effect but effective change in the sense of responsible further development.

We promote co-entrepreneurship and enable our employees to participate in the company in a variety of ways.

Human, success oriented and together

We develop our approach together with our customers, we contribute what is missing. We use our know-how and products as a flexible tool not as a rigid norm. Meaningful success is our goal. What we are committed to should also make sense. We work with entrepreneurial orientation and a feeling for the individual.

The Founder Team

David Schwarz

High performing engineer graduated from RWTH Aachen.
Various consulting experiences and expert in hydrogen cell artificial intelligence.

Armin Schwarz

More then 30 years of experience in large scale software development and thorough management knowledge. Former member of the SAP senior leadership team.

Marcus Rübsam

30 years of entrepreneurship and senior management with SAP. Leading large scale product market fit and go-to-market organizations.